perfume bottles
'Dragon' Fly Fishing
Ace of Spades
Ancient Tribal Mask
Artist's Table
Autumn Snake Skin
Autumn Tree with Bird
Beam Me Up
Best In Show (Blue Ribbon)
Black Elite
Blue Bevel
Blue Diamond
Blue Globe
Blue Jupiter
Blue Zebra
Cactus Flower
Cobalt Blue with Frosted Flowers
Daum Perfume Bottle with Feather Stopper
Daum Purple Rose
Diamond Crystal with Gold Accent
Dichroic Splendor
Dichroic Triangle
Dirty Martini
Double Helix (black/turquoise)
El Gato
Embossed Leaves (peach)
Fantasy Frog
Filagree Collection
Finding Nemo
Fish Rule
Fortune Cookie
Four Seasons
Frosted Love Birds
Frosted Window
Golden Bell
Green Pipe Dreams
Guilded Blue Saucer
Heart of the Matter
Hieroglyphic Set
Hieroglyphics 1
Hieroglyphics 2
Hieroglyphics Tower
I Dream of Genie
Ice Sculpture
Japanese Vines
Jellyfish in Red Waters
Jeweled Butterfly
Lady Bug
Lalique Crystal Folie Perfume
Lalique Duncan Atomizer Perfume Bottle
Lalique Enfants Perfume Bottle
Mardi Gras
Mellefori Lamp
Modern Art
Ocean Garden
October Blooms
Old Fashioned Crystal
Over the Moon
Painted Ornament bottle
Patchwork Gems in Green
Peacock Feather
Pebbles in the Sand
Pink Decoupage
Pink Jeweled Cone
Pretty in Plaid (pink and turquoise)
Purple Cyclone
Purple Violets
Race to the Top
Rainbow Deco Geometric
Red Flask
Red Geisha
Royal Garb
Russian Candles
Smoke on the Water
Sparkling Pink Medusa
Stacked Salamanders
Stacked Turtles
Suspended in Blue
Taj Mahal
Tangerine Star
The Big Apple (giraffe)
Under the Sea
Victorian Amethysts
Water Tulips
Waves of Color